Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Prospect Kevin Frandsen Clears First Cut by Giants

As long as Todd Linden and Jason Ellison continue to battle for spots in the Giants outfield, opportunities will be limited for prospect Kevin Frandsen to find extra playing time in left. Frandsen has been given a look there as nothing more than a potential deep backup, but appears to have a reserve infield spot locked up as he has cleared the first cuts.

The 24-year-old former 12th-round pick has a sterling minor league hitting record, including finishing among the leaders in the Arizona Fall League. That shows he likely could avoid being sent down to Fresno as he doesn't necessarily need to play every day. He has nothing more to prove at the plate, although it would be a plus if he could find a power stroke.

Expect Frandsen to go north with the team, as he can back up not only his prime position at second, but shortstop and even third. He will play on days when veteran starters Ray Durham and Omar Vizquel need to rest, which will be relatively often. Should Durham or Vizquel be injured, Frandsen could excel.