Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sammy Sosa Still Has Far to Go at Rangers Camp

That dirt cheap, $500,000, non-guaranteed, minor league contract the Rangers doled out to ex-big leaguer Sammy Sosa to make a comeback attempt at 38 was more than merely a quaint gesture. With rookie Nelson Cruz trying to break into the majors at 26, former budding star Brad Wilkerson coming off two years of debilitating injuries at 30, and light-hitting leadoff man Kenny Lofton trying to squeeze out another year or two of service at 39, the Rangers need a big bat, a really big, big bat.

Whether Sosa's bat is the answer seems doubtful at best, with fans, coaches, media and various other camp followers still waiting to see that familiar swing that not so long ago generated the last of Sosa's 588 career homers.

"...We saw (not a big swing but) an old swing as Sammy made his spring debut..." writes Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Randy Galloway. "In other words, the very early first impression of a guy who was out of baseball last season, and a total stiff the year before with the Orioles, wasn't exactly pretty. In other words, (the preliminary indication is that) the Rangers got exactly what they paid for. Nothing for nothing. "