Monday, April 16, 2007

Vladimir Guerrero Will Miss Time Due to Contusion

The news on Angels outfielder Vladimir Guerrero's wrist injury is good, but not entirely good.

Guerrero was plunked on the right wrist by a 95-mph Josh Beckett fastball as Guerrero batted at the opening of Monday's game with the Red Sox in Boston.

Visibly in pain, Guerrero immediately fell to his knees before being escorted off field. Though an X-ray showed no fracture, the 31-year-old slugger sustained a painful contusion to the periostium that likely will impact his range of motion and performance capability for a minimum of two or three days, very likely longer.

The problem stems from the vulnerability of the point of impact, an exposed area of bone with virtually no meaty protection. If Guerrero had been hit on the fleshy portion of his bicep, say, or maybe along the muscles of his back, his return might be imminent.

As it is, however, expect Guerrero to feel discomfort for at least two or three weeks, though he might be able to return sometime over the next seven days or sooner if he can tolerate the pain and his wrist remains relatively limber. Time, rehabilitation and rest will tell.

At any rate, at least Guerrero can be grateful he sustained no fractures, which would have caused him to miss weeks, probably months due to the articulate nature of the joint in question.