Monday, June 11, 2007

Tigers Mike Maroth Making Room for Kenny Rogers

With injured starter Kenny Rogers ready to return to action, look for the Tigers to trade Mike Maroth to open a spot in the rotation.

Maroth will be traded for bullpen help, effectively easing the loss sustained by injuries to young fireballer Joel Zumaya, who is out for the season, according to Detroit News baseball beat reporter Rob Parker.

Maroth likely will be gone by the end of the week, Parker said Monday during a broadcast interview with XM Radio's Charlie Steiner.

Rogers, 17-8 last year with a 3.84 ERA, has been out since the beginning of the season with nerve bypass surgery. Rogers has been reported by multiple sources to be at or near 100 percent, and eager to return to the mound.

Rookie starter Andrew Miller, at least for the time being, will continue to see work while rotation cog Nate Robertson recuperates from a tired arm.


T.G. said...

Unless they get a top-notch reliever (which is very unlikely), it would be stupid to trade Maroth.

He's coming back from a serious, season-ending surgury. He wasn't expected to be top-form right away. His history is that of a dependable pitcher. Two years ago he went 14-14 for a team that lost 100 games. Last year he was 5-2 and pitching superbly until he was injured.

Even this year he is 4-2 and the team is 4-1 in his no-decisions. As bad as he's been, his ERA is 36th in the AL, which puts him among pitchers who would be #3 on their staffs. He's right behind Roy Halladay and Dice-K.

Not only that, his style is the perfect compliment to the flame-throwers on the rest of the staff. Like Kenny Rogers, his style keeps opponents off-balance, They can't dig in for all 95 mph fastballs. Once the 41 year old Kenny retires, Maroth will be the only off-speed guy in the rotation.

If they trade him now, he will probably just be getting over being gun-shy and go on to have an excellent second half.

Anonymous said...

Maroth isnt in the same breath as the pitchers you have listed. He is more like Carlos Silva. His career stats would certainly provide evidence of that. Maroth may pull in a quality reliever, but I wouldnt expect Joe Nathan for him.

Career stats:


4.82 ERA
1.42 WHIP
.292 BA Against
1.14 H per inning



3.67 ERA
1.25 WHIP
.278 BA against
.98 H per inning



1.00 H/IP


J Santana

.81 H/IP


C. Silva


Detroit should trade him now. There are plenty of guys out there as good as Maroth.

T.G. said...

Your comparing apples with oranges. Maroth compiled his early stats pitching on teams that lost over 100 games a year. Bonderman was shut-down to prevent him from taking the pounding Maroth was subjected to. Now you're going to hold it against Maroth that he was mature enough to take the hit, while Bonderman wasn't. Bondo's career stats are much like Maroth's, despite the fact he was shielded from losing 20 in '03.

I never said he was a Cy Young candidate, but he is a solid pitcher who adds something to the Detroit staff they don't have much of and makes the rest of the staff more effective.

Let's not be so impatient as the guy rebounds from a serious injury. Even in his present state, his stats are comparable to a decent #3 starter. Wait till he gets back to 100%.

Anonymous said...

Ill wait until gets back to 100% if he ever gets back. That is one of the main reasons that he will not command a top notch reliever.

The second is that he is a free agent after this season.

You can say apples to oranges, but the fact is that he just isnt THAT good. He is alright, but he is not a top 3 starter. He was on a poor team, but that doesnt have squat to do with his WHIP. It would affect his win loss record, but either he can pitch or he can get hit. Clearly, he gets hit.

It doesnt matter to me one way or the other, but I do not see him being moved for a great player. He might command a decent prospect, but teams will not give up key roles for a player with this much risk, imo of course.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the Detroit News has any credibility -- an open question -- its bullpen help, not necessarily a closer the team is looking for.

Shaun said...

Maroth or RObertson have to go..if its not's this offseason..there's no way shape or form the Tiger's don't have Andrew Miller starting next year..if not this summer.

Miller/Bondo/JV..That right there quite possibly could be a newer version of the braves...After that next year...Maybe Rick Porcello lights it up like Miller did and he makes room for a spot in the #4 or #5 position..that leaves basically Porcello/Rogers/Robertson/Maroth for 2 spots...Roger's will retire eventually

so you have 2 spots left...Porcello assuming he pans out as everyone says he will be a great one..then say in 2 years you have Porcello/Bondo/JV/Miller/Robertson...Maroth doesnt have American league'd benefit his career more to go to the NL...say..Maroth for Brad Lidge?