Sunday, July 22, 2007

Court Likely to Throw Book at Marlins Scott Olsen

Judges and prosecutors can hardly be expected to look favorably on Marlins pitcher Scott Olsen after his recent arrest on charges of drunken driving, failure to stop for police and violently resisting an officer. Olsen is in big trouble.

Not long after Olsen is be arraigned, a probationary investigation will that show that Olsen's scrape is just the latest in a series of anti-social behaviors. A judge likely will look at Olsen's 6-foot-five, 230-pound widebody and recognize it or what it is: a walking, talking, dangerous deadly weapon.

Out of consideration for the health, safety and welfare of the citizenry at large, Olsen will be taught a harsh lesson he will not soon forget. Don't expect him to get off with just a community service session for a couple of weeks at the local Community Chest.

As to whether Olsen will be suspended by the Marlins before his next start on Wednesday, he has three things in his favor: No. 1, the team needs his arm; No. 2, Olsen has yet to be convicted of anything; and No. 3, Olsen is one very, very sorrowful young man, and has humbly confessed this to his keepers.

Is Olsen a candidate for trade? Sure, but who would take him?