Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cubs Derrek Lee Looks to Recover Power Stroke

Whatever the explanation Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee has for his loss of power, it certainly isn't that homers are cheaper by the half dozen.

Though his homer output for the year has been held to just six, his .330 batting average, 26 doubles and 46 RBI suggest Lee is doing something right, so Lee refuses to change his swing to try to put more loft into his hits. His reasoning seems to be not to fix what ain't broke.

"The great thing about our club is we're winning and I haven't hit my stride yet," Lee told "At some point I'm going to start hitting the ball out of the ballpark and we're going to be in the thick of it."

Analysts last year pointed out that often players coming back from wrist injuries -- as is Lee -- usually take about a half a season to recover their home run stroke. So far, that forecast has held true. If he fully recovers during the second half, look out.