Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dmitri Young Trade May Be Jeopardized by Greed

Whether Nationals GM Jim Bowden is actively shopping first baseman Dmitri Young or merely fielding offers, any potential deal is likely jeopardized by Bowden's reputation for demanding too much in return.

With the trade deadline looming and the team going nowhere, Bowden has little to lose by dealing Young, widely thought to be the comeback player of the year. Young has improved his average to .342 with 79 hits in his last 194 at-bats, an average of .407, making him perfect to move while he is hot.

But the situation has been likened to last year's talks to deal former Nationals outfielder Alfonso Soriano, who was lost to the Cubs with nothing in return while Bowden was criticized for holding out for the stars and the moon.

Young is seen as a good fit for a number of contenders, including the Yankees, who have indefinitely lost first baseman Jason Giambi to injury. It doesn't hurt that Young not only can play first base, but can stumble around the outfield a little bit.

The question is, will yet another opportunity be lost due to what must be considered little more than just plain greed?