Saturday, July 21, 2007

Marlins Jeremy Hermida Sits Because of Glove

Look for left-handed Marlins outfielder Jeremy Hermida to lose more and more time to right-handed hitting Cody Ross, now that Ross has finally returned from a leg injury.

It's not only that Hermida has been slow to figure out left-handed pitching, but his fielding has been suspect as well. Hermida's seven errors in fewer than 60 games has cost the team wins in a tightly contested pennant drive, as has his misreading of balls coming off the plate, inability to run efficient routes and worse yet, his tendency to pull up short for shallow pops and liners.

Some of these shortcomings show up in the box score, but plenty don't.

Whether this trend will devolve into a strict platoon is an open question, though coaches clearly would prefer to see Hermida improve his field work so that the former No. 1 pick can play every day.

At 24, Hermida has time to iron out these difficulties. The problem seems to be that Hermida is either unable to improve, or unwilling to work at it as hard as he should.