Monday, July 02, 2007

Pete Mackanin Sets Stage for Adam Dunn's Trade

The Reds decision to appoint Pete Mackanin interim manager helps set the stage for the trade of power hitting outfielder Adam Dunn and other players by putting one of the club's most experienced talent evaluators at elbow's length to the walnut conference table off the offices of chief executive Robert Castellini and general manager Wayne Krivsky.

Mackanin -- a former minor league manager who has scoured the hustings as an advance scout for nearly two years -- will help evaluate prospects over the next 30 days as the trade deadline approaches, helping to assure the team receives the maximum value for Dunn.

Expect Dunn's trade to be hastened by the return from the disabled list of Ryan Freel, who is seen by some observers moving to center field while rookie slugger Josh Hamilton replaces Dunn in left. Right fielder Ken Griffey Jr. likely will stay where he is despite rumors to the contrary.

The Reds can stick with an effective righty-lefty platoon of Jeff Conine and Scott Hatteburg at first base, or may call up first base prospect Joey Votto from Louisville if no one in the front office objects to accelerating Votto's service clock and hastening his rendezvous with contract renewal.