Monday, July 09, 2007

Reds Josh Hamilton Likely to Miss Time Day-to-Day

The All-Star break has imposed a defacto news embargo on the medical condition of Reds outfielder Josh Hamilton, but it appears trainers will give his sore wrist a couple of days to "cool down" before being examined by medical director Dr. Tim Kremchek.

By immobilizing the wrist through the week with a small cast or splint, and putting Hamilton on an anti-inflammatory drug regimen, Kremchek will be able to discern a more accurate reading from an anticipated MRI exam and X-rays, as the rest will help reduce hot spots that tend to obscure the magnetic resonance image analysis at the point of the sprain.

In any event, additional rest most likely will be the treatment, unless it turns out that Hamilton is more seriously hurt than anticipated. Hopefully for the Reds, Hamilton will be able to avoid a recurrence, perhaps the most serious potential consequence.

Hamilton came out of Saturday's game in the third inning after reporting he was unable to swing a bat in the on-deck circle. Ryan Freel moved from third to to center to take Hamilton's place. Edwin Encarnacion came off the bench to replace Freel at third.

Meanwhile, even Hamilton likely will not know what to expect, although preliminary indications are that he will miss time merely on a day-to-day basis, rather than be relegated to the disabled list. Wait and see.