Sunday, July 08, 2007

White Sox Reject Mark Buehrle's Peace Offering

White Sox ace Mark Buehrle's offer to drop his demand for a no-trade clause in exchange for remaining with the team has been rejected by the Chicago front office -- startling fans and critics.

The 28-year-old lefty said he would drop his demand in exchange for a one-year, $17 million buyout in the event he is traded in the future, and offered to sign an under-market, four-year, $56 million pact to stay in Chicago, according to ESPN senior writer Buster Olney.

Observers are puzzled and fans likely will balk, as Buehrle is walking away from an additional $17 million to $44 million on the open market, Olney told radio host Bob Valvano in a Sunday broadcast.

"It's a real head scratcher," Olney said.

Rejecting the accomplished veteran would seem to indicate that the team has a favorable deal on the table, a deal that will be consummated before the end of the month.