Thursday, August 02, 2007

Fans fear not; Twins Owner Carl Pohlad Has a Plan

It couldn't have been uglier than if it had been a scene out of Frankenstein: an angry mob of townsfolk converging on the Edina, Minn., mansion of Twins owner Carl Pohlad, waving torches, pitch forks, sickles and clubs.

Fools! Don't they know Carl Pohlad has a plan?

Yes, Pohlad failed to improve his team prior to the non-waiver trade deadline; and yes, he traded away .300-hitting infielder Luis Castillo and has little to show for it. But the aging tycoon didn't acquire his vast wealth by being stupid.

Word about Pohlad's plan has yet to be announced, but sources close to the venerable chain saw manufacturing magnate hint that he believes he is close -- very, very close -- to a special, ingenious, arrangement whereby upon his death, he will miraculously be enabled to take his money with him!