Thursday, August 02, 2007

Seattle Outfield Crowded with Adam Jones Arrival

The long-anticipated arrival of minor league slugging prospect Adam Jones to the Mariners creates a crowd in the outfield, likely pushing established veterans to the bench from time to time in an unhappy game of musical chairs.

Designated hitter Jose Vidro has been seen as a likely candidate to go to the bench, not because he cannot hit but because he can, with a better than .300 average and an ability to swing from both sides of the plate in key situations.

But that means more playing time would go to outfielder-first baseman Raul Ibanez or first baseman Richie Sexson, both of whom are performing poorly and hardly can be expected to be seen by Vidro, Jose Guillen, Ben Broussard or other teammates as deserving of extra at-bats.

As if the Mariners didn't already have enough trouble coming down the stretch, now the team must contend with what likely will amount to a potentially unhappy clubhouse.