Thursday, August 23, 2007

Next 10 Days Key for Phillies Chase Utley

Injured Phillies second baseman Chase Utley's rapid healing testifies to his superb physical condition at the time he was sidelined by a pitch that broke his hand, but while he already has begun hitting, it remains to be seen how quickly he can return to full strength.

Utley not only will have to stand up to intense pain resulting from the concussion of swinging a bat against speeding fastballs, but must restore strength and stamina to his wrist, which had been immobilized along with his fractured fourth metacarpal after a pin was inserted to stabilize it following the break.

Utley is not content to return to action Sept 1, he wants to come back now. But don't be surprised if he continues to be held out for the better part of three weeks. Even if he comes back in 10 days, how quickly can he be expected to rediscover his timing and power?