Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Brian McNamee Pays Price for Speaking Out

Athletic trainer Brian McNamee -- a former highly commended under cover police officer for the City of New York -- reportedly is paying a high price for his cooperation with the Mitchell investigation into improper use of performance enhancing drugs by MLB players.

McNamee's character has been recklessly trashed in various broadcast reports and not only has been suspended from his job in the athletic department at St. John's University but is being shunned by other potential employers in his field, according to SI.com writer Jon Hayman.

Hayman's account suggests McNamee has begun having difficulty supporting his family.

McNamee explained that he always had to have various sources off income when he was training Yankee pitchers Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte, as neither superstar paid him more than a "living wage," and that he has always had to make his way by garning income from various sources, though never as a drug dealer, legally or illegally, according to the report.

Now numerous potential clients are telling him "don't call us, we'll call you," McNamee said.

Regarding an allegation that McNamee was questioned in an alleged Tampa sexual assault, the report hinted that McNamee refused to fully cooperate with investigators not to save himself but to avoid casting unsubstanciated aspersions in the direction of a certain player or players.