Sunday, February 03, 2008

David Dellucci Vies to Restore Status in Cleveland

A funny thing happened to the Indians David Dellucci on his way to becoming the near everyday outfielder for the Cleveland Indians -- Franklin Gutierrez.

The third outfielder's spot appears to be Gutierrez's to lose since taking over for Dellucci after Dellucci ripped his hamstring from the bone last year while trying to beat a double-play throw at first base.

When Dellucci tried to return from the injury late in the season, he suffered further setbacks and now will be lucky to win the fourth or fifth outfielder's spot, let alone claim the left-field platoon he shares with Jason Michaels.

Dellucci had only recently started a rehabilitation program at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, so it cannot be certain how soon he can run with complete confidence. Having previously failed when he tried to rush back to action last year, Delucci is proceeding with great caution while trying to run normally.

Always a threat from the left side of the plate, Dellucci has reached the 30-homer threshold before, but one wonders whether he can ever recover his previous form now that he is 35, and whether a fourth or fifth outfield spot might be more suitable for him.