Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brewers Insist Ben Sheets Totally Healthy

It's the same thing the Brewers said last year about ace pitcher Ben Sheets: Sheets is 100 percent healthy.

"If he's not, we'll find out," bullpen coach Bill Castro told MLB News Online, noting that come hell or high water Sheets will be the opening day starter when the Brewers face Carlos Zambrano and the I-94 rival Cubs at Wrigley Field in Chicago next week.

Castro insists Sheets is completely healthy.

Though Sheets was given a clean bill of health during last year's camp, he went on to face his usual myriad of health problems throughout the season, and was unable to pitch for more than 141 innings.

Perhaps portending of things to come, Sheets camp ERA this year stands at 9.56, having just given up four homers -- two to White Sox designated hitter Jim Thome -- and nine earned runs in five innings.

They may be whistling in the dark, but Sheets' teammates say nothing is wrong.

"I'm sure he is throwing completely normally," said non-roster pitcher Chris Narveson, who has played catch with Sheets and thrown alongside him throughout camp.