Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Giants Skipper Puts Steal Sign on Again and Again

Perhaps Giants bench coach Ron Wotus gave manager Bruce Bochy one of those 'are-you-sure?' looks.

"We've got to get these guys ready to run," Bochy explained to Wotus as Bochy put on a steal sign for the fifth time in four innings, only to see Emmanuel Burris and Eugenio Velez cut down by Rockies catcher Chris Iannetta during Monday's 4-2 loss to the defending National League champions at Hi Corbett Field in Tucson, Ariz.

But Davis -- who stole 28 bases in 53 games at Triple A last year -- later stole second off Rockies starter Aaron Cook. And Velez -- who stole 49 bases in 96 Double A games last year -- swiped one off closer Manny Corpas, Valez's 16th bag in 19 attempts this spring, including split-squad and B games. For good measure, Brian Bocock stole third.

Valez told www.MLBnewsonline.com that his goal is to steal 50 or more once the season starts, even with limited opportunities.

With Barry Bonds' big bat missing from the lineup, Bochy has made it clear that the Giants have little choice but to run, run, run and then run some more. Asked whether the Giants will run as much during official games as they have during spring, Bochy nodded affirmatively.