Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rangers Finally Keep Someone ... But Shouldn't

Having lost Carlos Pena, Chris Young, Adrian Gonzalez, Coco Cordero and Alfonso Soriano and others, and having little or nothing to show for it, the Rangers' decision to demote veteran outfielder Kevin Mench (.375/.468/.650 this spring) in favor of 27-year-old non-prospect Jason Botts (.341/.370/.455) appears to be predicated on fear rather than merit.

"They are scared to death of another Travis Hafner," Star-Telegram columnist Randy Galloway said on his radio show last night, recalling that Hafner is the biggest of the big fish tarnishing GM Jon Daniels and previous decision-makers in the front office in Arlington. Hafner, another former Rangers property, is now a star in Cleveland.

Botts remains with the team because he's out of options and might be snapped up by a rival if the team attempted to demote him. Botts will find playing time alternating between first base and the outfield.