Sunday, March 16, 2008

White Sox Still Shop Joe Crede, But to No Avail

The White Sox continue to start veteran third baseman Joe Crede in ahead of rising fan favorite Josh Fields, enabling scouts from the Giants, Dodgers and whomever else to look Joe over.

But so far there have been no takers -- or perhaps more accurately -- no reasonable offers.

"Joe Crede doesn't necessarily have to go anyplace if no one is willing to give up anything for him," broadcaster Steve Stone told

Though the Giants and Dodgers are believed to have made offers, the White Sox have refused to let Crede go without fair value in return, even though Crede is in the final year of his contract.

Therefore, the team could end up keeping Crede for the 2008 pennant run then let him go in exchange for draft picks next year, hinted Stone, who is now a clubhouse fixture on the White Sox payroll as the newly appointed radio color commentor alongside longtime play-by-play broadcaster Ed Farmer.

Though young Fields has shown capability at the plate, hitting 23 homers in just 373 at-bats in his rookie season last year, Crede is a more established, more experienced and better hitter, and far superior to Fields defensively.

In a long anticipated tilt with the Cubs at White Sox camp in Tucson, Ariz., Saturday, Crede appeared to affirm his claim that he is fully recovered from spinal surgery as he slapped a long liner for a double, advanced to third and later slid hard on his back beat the tag in a cloud of dust in a close play at the plate.

The White Sox went on to win 5-3, paced by a long homer off the bat of designated hitter Jim Thome, who played the entire game despite complaining of foot soreness earlier in the week.