Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cops Say Umpire Escort 'Routine' in Giants Loss

Umpires were escorted off the field under armed guard after fans became enraged over a controversial balk call, but no one was arrested and hostilities were no worse than common catcalls and booing, San Francisco Police told MLB News Online after the Giants 3-2 loss to Colorado on Tuesday.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy had been ejected for arguing a disputed 7th inning balk called by plate umpire Gary Darling after Giants catcher Bengie Molina stood up and requested time. Darling granted time but then called the balk when Giants starter Tim Lincecum stopped his motion, but then threw to the plate.

The balk allowed the winning run to score from third base as fans loudly expressed their displeasure and Bochy ran onto the field to harangue Darling for more than three minutes until finally being ejected.

"Essentially, the umpire ordered the Giants manager off the field; that's all," San Francisco Police Spokesman Dewayne Tully explained. "It was just a lot of booing."

The police escort was "routine," Tully said, noting that some of the team's security is provided by off-duty uniformed San Francisco police. "There was no police action of any sort."