Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ID Crisis Cited in C.C.Sabathia's Woe

Ignoring rampant speculation that Cleveland Indians ace C.C. Sabathia's slow start is attributable to overwork last year, Akron Beacon Journal writer Sheldon Ocker has suggested Sabathia's woes may be attributable to an identity crisis.

Sabathia may be trying to rediscover whether he's a crafty lefty or a high-heat hurler, said Ocker, who covers the Indians on a daily basis.

"He used to come in with his 97-mph fastball and just try to blow it past people," Ocker told XM radio host Charlie Steiner. "Then he decided he wanted to mix in off-speed pitches and throw in the low 90s, which worked. Now he might be trying to remember, 'how did I do that?' "

Sabathia's ERA on the young season is 11.57, with an 0-2 record over 14 innings. Many have speculated that Sabathia is suffering from a tired arm after leading the league by throwing what was for him an unprecidented 242 innings last year.

But without him complaining about soreness or fatigue, the slow start remains a mystery, with predictions abounding that it is a matter of time before Sabathia rediscovers his form.