Sunday, April 27, 2008

Troy Glaus Undergoes Eye Treatment

Cardinals third baseman Troy Glaus has undergone a battery of skin tests and other examinations to evaluate the effectiveness of antihistamines and other remedies aimed at counteracting airborne allergens that have affected his vision due to common allergic rhinitis or conjunctivitis while playing in St. Louis.

While the specific offender has not been isolated, Glaus is being tested for reactions to a number of pollens common to the Central Mississippi Valley, including grasses, weeds and trees. Mites, dust and dander at his home is also suspect.

Though causes of Glaus' watering eyes are likely present not only in St. Louis but elsewhere, a preponderance of poplars, cedars, ragweed or other irritants in the old Busch Stadium area -- combined with prevailing winds and other atmospheric conditions -- have prevented Glaus keeping his eyes clear only during home games, particularly day games.

Look for the treatments to be effective within two or three days, if not sooner, and for Glaus' return to the lineup without impediment.