Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ken Griffey Trade Speculation Won't Go Away

Speculation about a trade of Cincinnati outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. to Seattle refuses to die, especially with the Reds in a tailspin and chances of the team competing for a playoff berth looking more remote.

The idea of Griffey finishing his career in Seattle has been kept alive for at least three years, only to be accelerated once again not only because of the Reds woes, but the Mariners need of offensive punch.

Griffey continues to struggle, however, as he has notched only five hits in his last 28 bats, and remains stuck on 597 homers after recently being robbed at the fence by leaping Cubs center fielder Felix Pie.

Pressure to reach the 600 plateau is being blamed for the 36-year-old slugger's slump, as he experienced a similar meltdown when the 500 homer mark eluded him.