Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ambidexterity Gone Wild

Here's an 8-minute video clip of switch-pitcher Pat Venditte of the Staten Island Yankees making his major-league debut, and facing a switch-hitter. I believe there's something in Revelations about this ...

The New York Times reported:

As Henriquez walked to the plate, Venditte, assuming Henriquez would bat left-handed, stood behind the pitching rubber with his glove on his right hand and the ball in his left. Henriquez, looking out at Venditte, then stepped across the batter’s box, determined to hit right-handed and gain a righty-lefty advantage. Seeing this, Venditte quickly switched his custom-made glove to his left hand and put the ball in his right, hoping to gain a righty-on-righty advantage.

Henriquez stepped out and began asking the home-plate umpire, Shaylor Smith, to lay out his options, then summoned his third-base coach. With the matter unresolved, Henriquez again stepped across the batter’s box in an attempt to bat left-handed. Again, Venditte switched glove and ball. The cat-and-mouse game reached full comedic gear when Henriquez again strolled across the batter’s box to hit right-handed, and Venditte responded with the old switcheroo, setting up as a righty.

Other things Venditte can do: Bite his toenails; tie a cherry stem into a knot with his tongue; pat his head and rub his tummy ... at the same time!

He can also adjust his cup with either hand.