Saturday, June 14, 2008

Carl Crawford-Hideki Matsui Deal to Rekindle?

A carefully guarded secret MLB News on Line uncovered directly from the Yankees offices in The Bronx indicates that for more than a year the team has been trying to acquire Tampa Bay outfielders Rocco Baldelli and Carl Crawford, though the talks cooled after neither team could reach an accord coming out of spring camp.

Now with the Rays having flirted with first place and the Yankees having flirted with last, could the two teams' potential reversal of fortunes result in the deal being turned upside down?

It is far to early to write off the Yankees as contenders for a playoff berth, but given numerous problems with the starting rotation it is conceivable that the team might reach a point at which Managing Partner George Steinbrenner or his son Hank Steinbrenner may decide that the Yankees best long term outlook would be to position the team to win next year, when contending will be far more critical with the opening of the new Yankee Stadium.

Either way, the Yankees are in need of a youth movement and the Rays are in need of experience, so don't be surprised if circumstances intensify the need to consumate the long considered, on-again, off-again deal for Crawford, with someone like 35-year-old star outfielder Hideki Matsui -- according to knowledgeable sources -- in the bait.