Monday, June 23, 2008

Logan White To Interview For Mariners GM Job?

For all the Dodgers deficiencies, they seem to have one thing down pat: drafting good young players.  Logan White has run the Dodgers scouting department for the last seven years and is largely responsible for the drafting of budding stars such as Russell Martin, Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley, James Loney, and Clayton Kershaw.  And now the Dodgers have given him permission to leave.

The Dodgers are well known for trading away superstars such as Pedro Martinez and Mike Piazza.  They tend to make brilliant trade deadline moves such as trading future all-star first baseman Paul Konerko for scrub closer Jeff Shaw, just as Eric Karros' age was creating a need for a first basemen.  The Dodgers spend hundreds of millions of dollars on injured pitchers.  From Darren Dreifort to Jason Schmidt to Kevin Brown, whichever GM has not been around long enough to get fired finds a way to challenge common sense.  

If the Dodgers are in such a charitable mood this summer, perhaps they should let White take James Loney or Matt Kemp with him.  They need to make room to sign another washed up veteran anyway.