Thursday, June 12, 2008

Milton Bradley Gets Upset

Milton Bradley, known for his temper, did not take kindly to comments made about him by Royals announcer Ryan Lefebvre on Wednesday night. Lefebvre complimented Josh Hamilton on turning around his life but said that "it doesn't appear Milton Bradley has done the same thing in his life." Oh? He's only leading the American League in batting average at .333 and is on pace to hit 37 home runs, far surpassing his career high of 19. Lefebvre went on to assert that Hamilton would make a good role model for Bradley.

After hearing these comments in the clubhouse after the game, Bradley immediately made a rush for the Royals' TV booth to confront Lefebvre. He was stopped 20 feet from his target by Rangers' general manager John Daniels, manager Ron Washington, and a security guard.

Lefebvre's comments were out of line but Bradley did not help his case by attempting to storm the broadcast booth during a post-game show. Pacman Jones showing up to a strip club while he is being investigated for being at a strip club thinks that's a bad idea. Any other player would have been justified in confronting Lebebvre, but not one trying to shake the bad temper reputation.

Beyond their MVP type seasons, there is little to compare between Hamilton and Bradley. The career challenges that each has faced are completely different. Hamilton almost lost everything to drug addiction while Bradley is just an angry guy. Bradley has said in interviews that he wants to put his incidents behind him and just play baseball this season. Whether he is just emotional or angry at his parents for naming him after a board game company, Bradley would do himself a favor by going back to putting up MVP numbers and staying invisible.