Thursday, June 19, 2008

No Chance to Escape for Brewers Billy Hall

Struggling Brewers infielder-outfielder Billy Hall has reportedly asked General Manager Doug Melvin to trade him if the team has no further use for him than as a platoon player and pinch hitter.

Sure thing, Billy. There's people in Hell that want ice water, too.

With the Brewers playoff berth still within reach, one can hardly expect Melvin to deal away a right-handed role player who is hitting better than .360 against lefties, though Hall's overall effort at the plate has been sorely lacking.

Expect Melvin and manager Ned Yost to continue to hold Hall in reserve while riding out the hot streak of Hall's replacement, Russell Branyan, currently hitting home runs at a rate of nearly one per seven at-bats for a total of nine since being called up last month.