Tuesday, July 29, 2008

$100 Million Burning Hole in Steinbrenner's Pocket

Expect Yankees Co-Chairman Hal Steinbrenner's money to burn a hole in his pocket as he awaits a more than $100 million windfall with which to purchase at least a couple more veteran free agents or three -- plus hold onto younger prospects.

Steinbrenner not only actively seeks help now -- including the possible addition of lefty Jerrod Washburn -- but also next fall when he potentially can trade Kei Igawa then cull Bobby Abreu, Mike Mussina, Kyle Farnsworth, LaTroy Hawkins, Andy Pettitte, Carl Pavano and Jason Giambi from the 40-man roster because the team's debt obligations to them can be retired. That would free up more than $100 million to spend elsewhere.

In addition to Washburn -- available without the loss of prospects because the Triple A Mariners probably want to dump the remainder of his near $50 million five-year contract -- other immediate additions might include righty Vicente Padilla of the Rangers, who could be acquired in exchange for talent.