Monday, July 14, 2008

Alex Rodriguez Back With Wife, Awaits Madonna

Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez reportedly was spotted holding hands with his estranged wife Cynthia as he entered a restaurant in Toronto over the weekend, yet he plans to meet with Madonna tonight as he and other patrons of the 40-40 Club in Manhattan watch the MLB Home Run Derby on 60-inch plasma television screens.

Video broadcast by Fox 5 television in New York showed what was purported to be fresh video of the couple -- looking tanned and fit -- amicably walking together, she, 34, wearing a simple blue, printed blouse with a scoop neck and dark Capri slacks, and he, 32, wearing white chinos, a black belt and white polo shirt.

Currently entangled in an anticipated divorce action -- Rodriguez and his wife were described as being enroute to be united with their four-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, The Daily News reported that Rodriguez's agent, Scott Boras, had met the couple with the intention of working out some type of reunion or settlement.

Yet tonight Rodriguez plans to dine at the posh, 700-seat 40-40 hip-hop club at 6 West 25th Street in the Flatiron District -- and Madonna, 49, is on the guest list. Using numerous 60-inch plasma television screens throughout the facility, patrons will watch the MLB Home Run Derby being broadcast from Yankee Stadium.

Rodriguez, who recently hit home run No. 537 to pass late Yankee great Mickey Mantle, has declined to participate in the derby out of fear that it will disrupt his patented, smooth power stroke.

Though Rodriguez -- who has an apartment on Park Avenue -- has been widely reported as being seen entering Madonna's building on the Upper East Side, Madonna has denied any romantic link to the superstar slugger.