Friday, July 18, 2008

Barry Bonds Deal Hinges on Hideki Matsui

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is in the process or has completed a proposed contract offer for free agent slugger Barry Bonds, an offer that hinges on the medical condition of left fielder Hideki Matsui, a confidential source within the Yankees organization told

Having signed former Seattle first baseman Richie Sexson, the Yankees remain perhaps the most logical destination for Bonds, providing a left-handed bat once it is clear Matsui is out for the season, the source said.

"When you hear that Matsui is out for the season, that's when the contract will be offered to Bonds," the source said.

The Yankees would neither confirm nor deny the report. "We have no comment on any reports," team spokeman Michael Margolis told

A number of other media outlets, however, cast considerable skepticism on the original report, including the New York Daily News:

"....There's no truth to a pinstriped pursuit of Bonds, according to a Yankee official, who said, "It's all nonsense."

The rumors even made their way down to Wall Street, the official said. The official had calls from friends who work there.

At the same time, Yahoo Sports quoted Bonds agent Jeff Borris saying, "I'm not in negotiations with the Yankees. I'm not in negotiations with anybody." While possibly true, the Borris comment would not necessarily be at variance with the facts as outlined by the confidential source.

Cashman favors signing Bonds to a 1-year deal with options not only because of his demonstrable skills from the left side of the plate, but because he comes without contractual obligation to another team, the source said.

Moreover, the Yankees would not have to give up prospects as trading chips, as the team would be forced to do to acquire other talent being shopped throughout the major leagues, the source said.

The Yankees were awaiting a decision from doctors as to whether Matsui would require surgery that would sideline him for the remainder of the season. The source said that the team had already braced for the worst, and that Bonds was the key option as a replacement.


Anonymous said...

tell your source to leak this to someone with more credibility.

Anonymous said...

i agree this is just getting ridiculous i can't take it anymore back and forth with this one source says no, not at all actually multiple credible sources, espn, ny post, ny daily news the yankees and all you guys keep saying is it will potentially happen i need a real soure its getting stupid

Anonymous said...

Just like Clemens last year, it'll happen. The Steinbrenners will stop at nothing to make the playoffs. As much as I would hate to see Barry in 'stripes there is no denying that in 30 some games left at the Stadium he'll take advantage of that short left porch. Although pitching is the root of success, the Yanks aren't scoring runs and Barry is a (short term) solution for now.

Anonymous said...

i think youre gonna wind up with egg on your face over this, but i hope you wind up being right. would be great to see some rinky-dink site scoop all the new york beat writers.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what frequency all these critics are on. It looks to me like the Bronx Bomber is a reporter well grounded in journalistic ethics and practices. Believe me, I know one when I see one.

Anonymous said...

More derision, eh? I'm tempted to say, 'He who laughs last, laughs best,' but it's not original. And we resent being called a rinky dink site. It just so happens to be a dinky rink site.

Anonymous said...

This whole situation seems odd. Until Peter Abraham tells me so, I don't believe it!

Anonymous said...

Barry Bonds is what the yankees need to get to the playoffs. What has he done that most major league players have not done. He was a hall of fame player before he was ever accused of steroids. His biggest fault is that he did not kiss the reporters ass. Give him a chance and im sure the yankees will be shocked on how good he still is