Thursday, July 17, 2008

Did Anyone Know Hideo Nomo had not Retired?

I thought he did about 10 years ago, but he officially retired this morning.  With the exception of 3 embarrassing games for the Royals in April, Hideo Nomo last pitched in 2005, so this announcement is of little consequence.

Nomo made the announcement on his blog, saying "I want to continue, but I don't think I can deliver a professional-level performance anymore.  I believe many clubs feel the same way."  I'd say that's accurate.  Getting released by the Kansas City Royals is never a good sign.  Neither is an 18.69 ERA.

In 11 MLB seasons, Nomo won 123 games, throwing 2 no-hitters.  If you include his career in Japan, he won 201 games.  Not Hall of Fame numbers, but the voters will have to consider the enormous impact he had on the game by paving the way for players such as Ichiro.