Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kevin Millar Thinks Edwar Ramirez 'Cute'

The Orioles Kevin Millar had a glorious take on last night's ejection of Yankees pitcher Edwar Ramirez, who was tossed for throwing over Millar's head:

"He's a cute little fella. He doesn't throw very hard and doesn't have very good stuff. It was probably a good idea that they did throw him out because it probably would have been [a shot to] Monument Park. He's good hittin'." Nicely done, Kevin.

It's never a good sign when an opposing hitter is calling you "cute," or "fella" for that matter. And I'm guessing it's not because Millar likes dudes, since he has a wife. It must have been those goofy glasses, or Ramirez's 6-foot-3, 165-pound (WTF) frame, or maybe the fact that his mom forgot to stick a 'd' on the end of his name.