Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Disgusting News About Madonna and A-Rod

The Daily Star brings us the unfortunate news that a hidden camera captured self-proclaimed Catholic Madonna and her alleged buddy A-Rod engaging in sinful congress. In other words, a sex tape. Or in other words, vomit inducing footage of Madonna.

Basically what it sounds like is that some photographer, no doubt of French descent, set up a hidden camera in an apartment that these two misfits visited. Things happened and now Pierre wants 1 million euros.

The Daily Star is making a huge deal about all the legal ramifications of such a tape. Who really gives a crap. If this tape exists, this is terrible news for just about everyone who hears about it (God help those who accidentally watch it). It's also excellent news for Cynthia Rodriguez, whose divorce may become even more lucrative.


Unknown said...

Just like Candice Houlihan, A-ROD has a "FAILURE TO APPEAR" from 12 years ago


LargeBill said...

What a mess. People fall for the temptation of wanting what they don't have and never being satisfied with what they do have. Then they are surprised that actions have consequences.

As far as Madonna, I thought she rejected Catholicism decades ago. It definitely seems as though she plays for the other team.

Anonymous said...

LOL if he publicizes the video he gets sued and sent to jail, the tape if it reaches court will be disposed of. It's illegal, more non news from this site.

Anonymous said...

dumb shit