Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rafael Furcal To Have Surgery, Dodgers Screwed

Tomorrow's LA Times reports that Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal will undergo back surgery tomorrow and miss a minimum of 8 weeks.  Joe Torre cannot be happy since the club's run production has declined by almost 2 runs per game since Furcal went down.  

The Angel Berroa trade looks really good now (just kidding), as he and Luis Maza should hold down shortstop (just kidding) until Nomar Garciparra returns from his rehab assignment to save the day (just kidding).

Now would be a really good time for Ned Colleti to get off his ass and do something other than trade for players in the Royals farm system.  With this abysmal offense, the Dodgers certainly cannot rely on Berroa or Maza, even until Garciparra returns.  Even then, it will probably be only a matter of days until Garciaparra ends up on the DL again with a sunburn or lice or something.

Nomar is the wildcard here.  He went 3-3 tonight for AAA Las Vegas and is 5-8 on his current rehab stint.  If all goes well he could be in the lineup this weekend against the Giants.  In the unlikely event that he handles shortstop and improves upon the .213 combined batting average of Maza and Berroa (which would probably qualify him to hit 5th), Colleti will likely hold off on any trades for a shortstop.  

In any event, the Dodgers season continues to get worse, and while we're talking about bad news for the Dodgers, its worth mentioning that Andruw Jones could be activated soon.