Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A-Rod Leads an Amusing Life

In between signing $275 million contracts and choking in the playoffs, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez has been cavorting around with this broad.  Google "Madonna ugly" for more unfortunate pictures.  Needless to say, Cynthia Rodriguez has filed for divorce.  

Well done, A-Rod.  You're A-Rod, you are married with 2 kids, and you are parading around with a woman (so to speak) who was aggressively taking the world of perversion by storm during your days as a fetus.  Dolly Parton must have been unavailable, or more likely not interested.  

A-Rod denies these allegations, but nobody really believes him.  Maybe they would if he wasn't spotted on an apparent date last year, during which he took a stripper to a strip club (good one dips@*t).  

Madonna, who will basically be a senior citizen by the time A-Rod is 40, also denies these allegations.  Nobody really believes her either because she once kissed Britney Spears (ah sick).