Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aubry Huff, Randy Winn Reportedly Clear Waivers

Orioles first baseman Aubrey Huff and Giants outfielder Randy Winn have cleared waivers, making them available to any team desiring them, according to various, unconfirmed broadcast and new media reports.

Ironically both Huff and Winn have historically been strong second half performers. Where Winn might go is anyone's guess, but with the Rays needing a stopgap replacement for injured rookie third baseman Evan Longoria, would the team once again open the door for Huff's return to Tampa?


Anonymous said...

who is randy wynn?

Anonymous said...

it would be a lot easier to take this site seriously if it didn't constantly misspell players' names.

Anonymous said...

is this guy related to the hotel mogul? there's a baseball player with his same first name and a last name spelled similar (Winn)