Friday, August 29, 2008

Joe Torre Has Confidence in Angel Berroa

In his quest to put together a lineup that can score more than two runs, Dodgers manager Joe Torre moved The Offense up one spot in the lineup Thursday, batting him third.  This of course presented a problem because only two batters preceded Manny after the pitcher's spot.  

Cardinals manager Tony La Russa solved this problem when he moved Albert Pujols to the three spot by batting the pitcher eighth, increasing the likelihood that runners would be on base for Pujols.  But Torre did not employ that strategy last night, and his reasoning was surprisingly sound:  "I'm not sure if [Danny] Ardoin or Berroa are going to add to the probability of getting people on base."

There's nothing like giving your seven and eight hitters a boost of confidence by publicly announcing that they aren't good enough to bat last.