Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lastings Milledge Enflamed Facing Ex-Teammates

Former Mets outfielder Lastings Milledge -- now playing with the lowly Nationals after being kicked out of town for political incorrectness -- returns to New York in the midst of a 14-game hitting streak in which he is hitting .375.

Though his average for the season sits at .258, Milledge is hitting at a .306 clip since coming off the disabled list, with five homers and three triples in 75 at-bats.

For those needing a refresher course, the Mess traded Milledge for off-and-on injured outfielder Ryan Church, part-time catcher Brian Schneider, a Marv Thornberry rookie card and a half dozen slightly used Chesapeake Bay crab pots after Milledge appeared in a rap song by childhood friend Manny D in which the words "ho" and "niggah" were uttered.

That he was merely 21 when the song was recorded perhaps gives him a slight excuse for the offensive language, but no one shall ever forgive him for the unspeakable crime against nature of high-fiving fans along the third baseline rail after hitting a homer.

John Rocker could not be reached for comment.