Sunday, August 10, 2008

Opportunity Knocks for Diamondbacks' Chris Burke

When one door closes, another opens -- so the old axiom goes -- and the door may be open just a crack for Diamondbacks second baseman Chris Burke.

The unfortunate sidelining of starter Orlando Hudson -- likely to miss much or all of the rest of the season after sustaining a wrist injury in a collision with Braves baserunner Brian McCann -- comes at an ideal time for Burke, as Burke is in the midst of a rare hot streak.

Once upon a time the fair-haired second baseman of the future for the Astros -- Burke has squandered most of his chances until now, barely keeping ahead of the "bust" label. But as it happens, the young is speedster hitting at a better than .300 clip in limited action over his last 10 games and maybe -- just maybe -- is finally beginning to figure things out.

See whether manager Bob Melvin has the daring to help Burke build on something while he has a chance, or succumbs to the seduction of reserve Augie Ojeda's leather, despite Ojeda's more limited upside.

Ironically, Hudson's injury came just as the team's decision makers determined that the team had enough depth to trade top middle infield prospect Emilio Bonifacio to the Nationals. Of course, who could blame them? Having missed most of the end of last season, Hudson wouldn't miss the end of the season for the second year in a row, now would he?