Friday, August 01, 2008

Poll: Dodgers Biggest Winner in Three-Way Trade

A poll of more than 21,000 subscribers showed that as of midnight EST Thursday a decisive majority believed the Dodgers got best of the deal in the three-way trade involving Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez, Pirates outfielder Jason Bay and Dodgers third baseman Andy La Roche.

The deal gives the Dodgers a big, mid-lineup slugger in Ramirez, 36, who becomes a free-agent at the end of the year with no options. Meanwhile Bay, 29, goes to the Red Sox and will remain under Boston's control until the end of next year.

The Pirates received from the Dodgers third baseman Andy LaRoche, 22, brother of first baseman Adam LaRoche, and pitching prospect Bryan Morris, 21. From the Red Sox the Pirates received prospects Craig Hansen and Brandon Moss, both 24.

Asked which of the three teams benefited the most, poll respondents said the Dodgers, 51 percent, the Red Sox, 26 percent and the Pirates 24 percent.

In addition to the personnel moves, the Red Sox also are paying $7 million of the $20 million still owed to Ramirez this year.

Though reaction has been mixed in Boston, many fans expressed gladness that Ramirez and his difficult personality had been purged, a reaction somewhat reminiscent of the reaction in Los Angeles when often overrated Dodgers outfielder J.D. Drew opted out of his contract to go to the Red Sox.