Monday, August 11, 2008

Reds Trade Adam Dunn for ... Who?

The Cincinnati Reds on Monday traded Adam Dunn to the Arizona Diamondbacks for, the AP report says, "a minor-league pitcher" and two players to be named later.

The minor-league pitcher, named now, is Dallas Buck. Dallas Buck? Who is this guy, a holdover from 1970s porn? Dallas Buck? Does he have a bushy mustache and a chestfull of thick black hair?

Who is Dallas Buck? He's a Single-A pitcher who underwent Tommy John surgery last year. Oh, now I get it. Maybe the Reds just wanted to acquire the guy who's in the lead to star in the movie version of Magnum, P.I..

Dallas Buck. Kinda makes you wonder what the names are of the "two players to be named." If it was up to me they'd be named Dirk Stone and Ridge Thacker.

Reds fans just better hope they aren't name Moe and Larry.