Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yankees OF Shelley Duncan Finding Stroke

Yankees outfielder Shelley Duncan struggling at Triple A Scranton, Wilkes Barre where he has been rehabbing a separated shoulder -- may have suddenly found his stroke in time for the September 1 roster expansion.

In a weekend outing at Allentown, Duncan was five four nine with two homers, two doubles, and seven RBI.

Though the Yankees’ chances for a playoff berth appear all but dead, the team has yet to officially run up the white flag and Duncan will be a handy playing piece should the team become hot and re-enter the race.


Anonymous said...

I guess Duncan's emergence means the Yankees won't be signing Barry after all huh? Solid reporting by you! I guess that's why you prefer to use a fake name instead of your real one. That way, you at least don't lose ALL of your reputation.

Anonymous said...

you kook. how is a mid level prospect going 5-8 over the weekend news worthy? he's not a yankees OF, he's a yankees farmhand. nobody comes to this website to read about yankees mid level prospects. also your assertion that a minor leaguer who would presumably not be part of the yankees getting hot becoming a handy playing piece is hilarious