Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Will Athletics Trade Bobby Crosby? Fat Chance!

It's hard to believe that Atheltics shortstop Bobby Crosby not so long ago was one of his team's top weapons, so highly regarded that he actually hit regularly in the No. 3 hole despite his mediocre batting average and lack of consistent power.

And now fans are expected to believe that Crosby will be dealt in the off-season to make way for untested 2005 first round pick Cliff Pennington? Why? In the first place, no one wants Crosby, and in the second place, Pennington is even worse, with "bust" written all over him.

But even if Pennington should find himself over the winter -- a very big if -- who would want Crosby, who at 28 has been unable to stay healthy for even a single season since his rookie campaign. His series of injuries even include a broken back.

Just how bad is he? Consider that Dodgers scouts studied Crosby when star shortstop Rafael Furcal went down to an injury in the midst of this year's critical pennant race, and passed in favor of Royals minor league veteran Angel Berroa, the one-time top rookie who hit just .234 in his last major league season two years ago.

Yes, expect Bobby Crosby to hang around for the last year of his contract with the Athletics next season, not because he deserves to, but because there is no one to take his place, and worse, no one wants him.