Friday, October 10, 2008


Oakland Athletics GM Billy Beane took part in a Q&A with The Sporting News' Matthew Lutovsky recently on the occasion of the release of "MLB Front Office Manager" by 2K Sports. Turns out Beane is an avid gamer.

But not an avid fantasy baseball player. Why? Here's his answer:

I'll tell you one thing -- I'll never play on-line myself because I don't really feel like being outsmarted and embarrassed. I say this with total candor and honesty. Particularly with Major League Baseball, if you look at the type of people who are running clubs now and then you go to the fantasy leagues and on-line gaming, they're really starting to blend into two. I've had many people say, "Hey, why don't you join my fantasy league baseball league with me?" And, quite frankly, I'm not really willing to expose myself to that arena because there are some really bright people out there.

Snap! Oh no he didn't!

Yes he did: Billy Beane just compared his fellow GMs unfavorably to ... you! And even worse, to ... me!