Saturday, January 31, 2009

George W. Bush Becomes Tom Hicks' Neighbor

It may be a mere coincidence, but former President George W. Bush has moved into a sprawling, oak-shaded, brick-veneer mansion in the same Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex neighborhood as multi-millionaire Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks.

Bush, of course, formerly was principal owner of the team before he became governor of Texas, and went on to the White House.

Bush's stately 50-year old dwelling -- reportedly with a greatroom fireplace as big as a travel trailer -- is located in the Preston Hollow plat and has been said by some to be valued at several million dollars or more. It is also is near the home of speculator/developer/investor T. Boone Pickens.

The former president continues to maintain his ranch near the central Texas hamlet of Crawfordsville. Though the former chief executive is described as being not much of a television fan -- devoting much of his spare time to reading some 80 books a year -- his favorite program is ESPN's "Baseball Tonight."


Anonymous said...

Please Mr. President Bush, buy back the Texas Rangers. You may have made some big mistakes as our President, but you were great as a baseball owner. You have always treated people with respect and great loyalty... something the current Ranger owner and GM will never learn. They treat their players like stocks on the stockmarket exchange. Please buy back your team.

Anonymous said...

Bush never owned more than a very small percentage of the team. He was merely the public face of the franchise. He had almost nothing to do with how the team was run.

Anonymous said...

Bush reads books? I think that was pretty much revealed as propaganda by Rove and company.

Anonymous said...

Weren't the Rangers in a serious hole when W's dady's friends bought him out?

One of the funniest moments of the 2000 presidential campaign came when Bush had been carrying around a book on some historical figure for weeks and a reporter asked him about it. He gave a vague, disjointed answer that made it obvious the book was only for photo ops and ballast. Sharing the same stage, John McCain briefly answered his next question and then started in on a detailed answer regarding the book subject as W fumed.