Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adam Dunn, Nationals Agree On Deal

That was quick. Not long after our previous post titled "Abreu Deal May Force Adam Dunn's Hand," Adam Dunn agreed to sign with the Washington Nationals according to the Washington Post.

The Post cites two independent sources and says the deal is for two years and may be announced on Thursday.

It has been believed that Dunn had an offer on the table from the Nationals for a couple months now, but that he was waiting to see if his first choice, the Dodgers, would come calling.

Perhaps the 1-year, $5 million deal that Bobby Abreu agreed with with the Angels scared Dunn into acting now on the Nationals' offer, rather than waiting any longer. It will be interesting to hear the details of the deal.

Update: cites a "baseball source" confirming the deal, says a press conference will be held on Thursday.

Update II: says the deal is worth $20 million.