Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brewers Hitting Coach Puzzles with Corey Hart

Brewers right fielder Corey Hart has come under the tutelage of hitting coach Dale Sveum, who must figure a way to stop Hart from making a chump out of himself.

At 27, Hart should be coming into his prime, but will the Brewers see the player who hit .289 with a more than .500 slugging percentage before the All-Star break, or the sucker whose average fell below .240 after pitchers discovered he was powerless to top chasing pitches outside the zone, sometimes striking out on three pitches in a row?

With Hart's strikeouts causing his on-base percentage to fall to a paltry .263 for the second half of the season last year, any improvement should significantly boost Sveum's stated objective to instill more discipline throughout the lineup, which generally suffers from too much free swinging and too little selectivity.