Saturday, February 28, 2009

Despite Trials, Ian Stewart Sits Out for Rockies

Though at a critical juncture at 24, former top Rockies prospect Ian Stewart is expected to need a day or so of rest after stressing his left arm swinging the bat in the cage.

Perhaps he has been trying to hard.

The soreness comes at a time when Stewart finds himself under great pressure, as he must use every opportunity to prove he is worthy of a spot on a crowded roster on which he may be left with no position depending on a number of factors beyond his control.

Stewart -- a natural corner infielder who has been tried with mixed results at second base and in the outfield -- finds himself on the outside looking in as Clint Barmes has the inside track for the second base job, and Garrett Atkins plays third. Stewart's best opportunity may lie with the trade of Atkins, or if Atkins crosses the diamond to play first in the event that Todd Helton is unable to play after sustaining a number of injuries and illnesses.

Stewart's return to action was being considered for this weekend. He is being asked to be more selective at the plate, and increase contact.